Fashion Shoot in Barbados with Ivory & Co

In March this year Max and I received a call from Sarah the director at Ivory & Co asking if we would be interested in photographing their new dress range in Barbados!

We agreed with a big smile on our faces and asked for a few more details. My first question was, ‘when would you like to go’ expecting her response to say towards the end of this year, ‘Well, I was thinking in a few weeks time’ Oh wow, I wasn’t expecting that! Two and a half weeks  later we flew out to the beautiful golden beaches and got to work photographing their stunning new range Platinum Bay. The collection consisted of 20 brand new dress designs and 3 boleros.

After discussing with the team where each dress should be captured, the hair styles we should use and theme for each dress we grabbed our cameras and hit the road. Although the prep took a little while longer the shoot lasted three fabulous days. Three days of perfect views, a light sea breeze and bright blue skies. When the largest problems we had to deal with was the sun shinning too much and a rainbow getting in the way of our shots.

Working with Sarah, Alex and their team is and always will be one of our biggest highlights of the job. Max and I find ourselves in some of the most picturesque locations a photographer could ever wish to work with. We use down to earth models with a  ‘realistic’ bridal look so future brides can relate to our work. For this shoot we used Grace Tunnell from Industry People as our model throughout and we couldn’t have ask for a nicer, more cooperative person to work with.

Take a look though our photographs and if you’re looking for a wedding dress head over to Ivory & Co’s website and pick the perfect dress for you. We hope you enjoy looking though the photographs as much as we have enjoyed capturing them.

Want to see the behind the scenes footage from our fashion shoot, click here.

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  1. 2nd February 2018

    Lovely shots … Love the pictures in particular the beach shots 🙂

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