Few things represent a wedding better than a bride in a white dress. After all of the salon visits, fittings, and alterations, it’s no wonder that many brides opt to preserve their gown after the wedding day. But why not join our other brides by  taking a different approach. Why not wear your wedding dress one more time,  in a much less careful manner for a dramatic photo shoot, better known as “trashing the dress”. Its the perfect way to bring charter and personality to add to your wedding photographs.

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Is the wedding dress ruined?

Not necessarily. Should you decide to give this trend a try, you we will discuss beforehand just how mess your chosen shoot is, if at all. The concept is to relax, let your creativity flow, and enjoy wearing your dress one last time in a fresh, liberating way. Some take a subtle approach for their photo session with a walk through the woods or a swim in a pool or pond, while others go a step further by heading to construction sites, changing greasy car tires, or wading through muddy puddles. The couples that have embraced the trend say that a post wedding shoot/ trash shoot shoot gives the gown new life in lieu of simply sitting in the closet. Plus, they’ll have photos in their wedding album that can look as though they’re straight from the pages of Vogue.


How many photos do we get on our memory stick?

There is no set number of images for any one event but you will get all the fabulous ones from trash shoot. You can expect, on average 150-250 photographs from your shoot.


How soon after the event do we get our photographs?

Fast! At New Pixels we offer an extremely quick turn around without any sacrifice to the quality of your photographs. We dedicate the next two weeks to your images and albums and do not rest until we believe they are perfect. Your photographs will be ready 1-2 weeks after the day we captured your event. Your online gallery will be set up first and the link that was emailed to you will allow you to relive that special day.


How much does it cost?

We charge £450 for a post or pre wedding shoot, which includes all travel costs, all of your images on a personalised high resolution memory stick, 10 printed photographs from the shoot and an online gallery for your friends and family to see and purchase all the images from the shoot.


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I don’t have a lot of confidence in front of the camera and we would like to stay away from being posed!

This is more common than you think! At New Pixels we dislike fake reactions and overly posed formal shots. We strive to watch and to anticipate those memorable moments that you actually want to see in your photographs. We capture the natural smiles and fun emotions throughout the day, no matter where we are. Our only posed photographs are for the group shots, where we have a lighthearted laugh and everyone feels comfortable.