The Lion Inn, Chelmsford

The Lion inn Chelmsford

We First met Tom & Amy at the Lion Inn bridal fair back in March 2016. Amy was very nervous about having a wedding photographer and she didn’t like the idea of being photographed at all but we recently received an email from her saying…

‘I just wanted to say a massive thank you for photographing our wedding last week!

We had the most amazing time and you guys were fantastic, we didn’t notice you were there half the time, which is a good thing as we were quite nervous about having our photos taken!’

Max and I can’t wait for them to see the natural and relaxed wedding photographs we captured throughout their day. Amy & Tom felt like we were working with two new friends and we wish them the best of luck in their life together.

Hertfordshire Wedding Photograper- New Pixels-35 Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-3 Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-1 Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-4Hertfordshire Wedding Photograper- New Pixels-1 Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-5 Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-6Wedding Photographer Herts-5 Wedding Photographer Herts-10 Wedding Photographer Herts-4 Wedding Photographer Herts-3 Wedding Photographer Herts-8 Wedding Photographer Herts-9 Wedding Photographer Herts-7Wedding Photographer Herts-11Wedding Photographer Herts-35 Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-7 Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-8 Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-9 Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-10Wedding Photographer Herts-14 Wedding Photographer Herts-15 Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-12 Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-19Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-18Wedding Photographer Herts-33Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-16 Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-15 Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-17 Hertfordshire Wedding Photograper- New Pixels-2 Hertfordshire Wedding Photograper- New Pixels-3 Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-21Wedding Photographer Herts-32 Wedding Photographer Herts-17 Wedding Photographer Herts-31 Wedding Photographer Herts-19 Hertfordshire Wedding Photograper- New Pixels-4 Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-22 Hertfordshire Wedding Photograper- New Pixels-5 Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-20 Hertfordshire Wedding Photograper- New Pixels-7Wedding Photographer Herts-16 Hertfordshire Wedding Photograper- New Pixels-6 Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-26Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-25 Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-24Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-27 Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-28Wedding Photographer Herts-21 Wedding Photographer Herts-24 Hertfordshire Wedding Photograper- New Pixels-8 Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-29 Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-31 Wedding Photography Hertfordshire-30

Please click here to see all the pictures from the day

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